Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Have No Words

Nine righteous souls
Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church
     If I lived closer I would have wanted to have been in that church this morning.  I have no words to express my despair of how we treat each other.  In this day and age this should not be happening. 


  1. I agree. This is just too horrific to comprehend. My heart hurts.

  2. Some young people have way too much time to watch horror on tv, play too many video games, iPad, iPhones, etc. etc. They see killings and destruction and think this is just a part of life. Modern technology has made our life easier but our country as a whole needs to get back to the accountability, work ethic, respect it once had. People matter. It doesn't matter their color. There is good and bad in all races. Respect them for who they are and follow the Golden Rule. Getting away from my band wagon, it is sad. Very sad. I to would have liked to have been in that church and given each person a hug and told them how sorry I am. May God give all the families strength to carry on.

    1. Amen. To all of your thoughts, amen.