Friday, November 29, 2013

Garth Brooks' Biggest Fan

On my TV right now, this very minute, is Garth Brooks.  Garth Brooks, Live from Las Vegas. Be still my heart! I love Garth Brooks.  I am his biggest fan, not because he is such an excellent singer-- even he says he is not that great a singer, but because he is so funny, he is such a showman, I like how he sings, and he just seems like such a nice guy.    
        My heart was broken when he was on Oprah one year, quite a while back, and I could not get tickets to go even though it was filmed right here in Amarillo.  Do you remember, in 1998, when some fool monied rancher here in the TX panhandle sued Oprah because she said -- on her TV show -- she would never eat a hamburger again and cattle prices fell the next day?? Obviously her fault. (picture big eyes rolling here) It was during a mad cow scare.  Oprah brought her crew here to Amarillo and filmed her show from Amarillo Little Theater for months during the trial.  That was back before Phil McGraw, PhD was "Dr. Phil."  He was here too, every day, guiding her through the trial.  At the time he had a company in Dallas called Courtroom Sciences, Inc, a trial sciences firm.  He is a big guy -- we saw him on the local news every night right next to Oprah, and we all thought he was a bodyguard.  By the way, she won.
     Anyway, back to Garth.  I didn't get to see Garth on Oprah, except on TV like the rest of the world.  It was his birthday.  Oprah had for a surprise for him -- she brought his Momma & Daddy out with a big birthday cake.  Oprah seems like a real nice person too.  However, one year, I DID get to go to a Garth Brooks concert ... the only concert I have ever in my life been able to attend.  Some times one is enough, if you get to go to the best one.  The year Garth Brooks came to Amarillo for a concert my daughter wanted to go.  I hadn't planned, even dreamed of being able to get tickets but my daughter, who seldom asked for anything, wanted to go.  I have no idea how I came up with the money but I did and me & the 4 kids had the time of our lives.  I remember standing in line f.o.r. e.v.e.r. with my daughter to get those tickets.  I remember going to the concert.  It was outside at a football stadium.  It was awesome. That was one of the best nights of my life -- me and my kids having a blast listening to Garth Brooks.  Life was good. No, life was great.
    I am enjoying this TV special so much.  If you are a Garth fan I hope you were able to see it too.  The only thing I don't like is how often he stops singing and lets the audience sing the words.  Well, at least we know he does not lip sync! :) 
     Tonight, sitting here watching Garth on this TV special I felt happier than I have in I don't know when.  I love his songs, I love his facial expressions, I love his fun, I love his sense of humor and he made me feel good. It reminded me of good times with my kids. It made me feel Happy with a capital H.  That, my friends, is no small thing.  I think this feeling is "the joy of life" my therapists and psychiatrists have told me for decades that I should feel (as I look at them like what the heck are you talking about).  Something even bottles and bottles of Cymbalta haven't been able to do for me.  I am grateful for this 2 hour special that brought me so much happiness. Some where I have some worn out CD's of Garth's.  I need to find those and play them all day long tomorrow and try to keep this feeling inside of me.
    P. S,  I also giggle at myself ---- me, this almost 60 year old, non-alcohol drinking, can't carry a tune in a bucket, Mormon grandma, belting out "I've Got Friends In Low Places Where The Whiskey Flows And The Beer Chases My Blues Away"  along with Garth on the TV.  Too funny! 
     And one more thing,  I am starting my bucket list.  It seems impossible but you never know.  The first thing I am putting on my bucket list is to have a front row seat  (okay, I will take any seat) to see Garth Brooks in Las Vegas.  Or anywhere else, for that matter. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Birthday Girl

After about 5 days of snow and ice on the streets the sun finally came out today and I was able to get to my son's home for my granddaughter's 3rd birthday.  She is just such a sweetie. I told her the sun must have come out just for her birthday. This is probably the longest stretch of time ... 5 days ... without me being able to see her since she was 6 months old and I sure was ready to spend some time with her and her baby brother.  Normally when it snows here it is melted off in a day or two but this time we didn't get above freezing  until today.  Night temperatures have been consistently around 16 degrees for a week.  I dread getting my electric bill but I am so very thankful that I have electricity.  My home is all electric so I would have been pretty cold had the electricity gone out.  Because of high winds and ice on the lines about 6,000 families here lost power over this weekend during the sleet and snow.  Have you ever lost power for your heater during a cold spell, and if so, how did you keep warm?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Meal

     I really love food.  My favorite Thanksgiving foods are cranberries, classic green bean casserole, and especially cornbread dressing.  Oh, and I love pumpkin pie.  Turkey? Eh, I will eat the breast meat.  My favorite Thanksgiving family story involves green bean casserole.  I make it with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup and French's French Fried Onion Rings -- the recipe off the onion rings can.  I am not a gourmet cook and not afraid of "cream of" soups.  When my first grandchild, Mason, was about 2 or 3 he was at my home the day after Thanksgiving.  I dragged out all of the leftovers from my fridge and had them on the counter.  Day old green bean casserole still tastes good but it tends to look a little gray and unattractive after a day or two in the fridge.  I picked up my grandson and was showing him the food, asking him what he wanted me to put on his plate.  When he saw that grayish green bean casserole he made these huge "precious moments" shaped sad eyes and said "OHHhhh, my momma told me NEVAH put that in my mouth." We have no idea where he got that or what he thought it was.  (and that word up there is "never" -- he had trouble pronouncing his R's)
     What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Books for Adults

      I know, Thanksgiving is not even here yet, but at my home it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  It snowed today.  Right now it is 25 degrees outside, but with the wind chill it feels like 13 degrees.  It is dark outside or I would take a photo of our first snow.  It is a perfect evening for a fire in your fireplace if you have one, a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book.
       One of my Christmas traditions is to reread some of the Christmas books I have listed below.  I try to read them all but I always read the first two titles.  I love them.  If your library has these two little books I hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as I do.  They are very slender books, as are some of the other ones listed, so it doesn't take much time to read them. Some times, wonderful things come in small packages.  Three of them are longer but worth every page.  Okay, the last one is a children's chapter book but one of my favorites. If you are not already familiar with it you might give it a try.  Really, it is OK for adults to read kids books and this is one of the funniest Christmas stories, IMHO.  Some of these titles have been made into movies.  Please know that the book is always, always, always better, and never judge a book by its movie!

*The Modern Magi ~ Carol Lynn Pearson
*A Stranger For Christmas ~ Carol Lynn Pearson
*Skipping Christmas ~ John Grisham
*The Christmas Box ~ Richard Paul Evans
*Christmas Jars ~ Jason Wright
*Gift of the Magi ~ O. Henry
*Redbird Christmas ~ Fannie Flagg
*Christmas in Harmony ~ Philip Gulley
*Esther's Gift ~ Jan Karon
*Best Christmas Pageant Ever ~ Barbara Robinson

 Do you have a favorite Christmas book?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Zzzzzz Is for Zoe

This just kind of sums up how I feel, and have for a long time.  All I want to do is sleep. Wake up to eat and then take a nap so I have energy to go to bed. Zzzz  I want to snap out of it  but I have to take a nap first.  I wish I could buy a bucket or two of energy at the grocery store because my bucket is empty. I'm really tired of feeling so dead tired.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Crazy Dog Lady

Some of my favorite girls ... my granddaughter with my dogs, Zoe and Gracie. My granddaughter is going to be the birthday girl a few days before Thanksgiving.  She will be 3.  We are all pretty excited about that birthday party coming up.  While my children and grandchildren are my biggest blessing my dogs are a close 2nd.  At this stage of my life I can't be with my children and grandchildren as much as I would like so I sure am glad I have dogs.  They give me somebody to talk to when I am alone.  They make me get out of bed when I am having a bad spell of depression and just would stay in bed all day if they would let me.  They make me laugh.  They make me feel safe when I am alone.  They make me feel loved.   I still cry over  my schnauzers that have passed away --- Fred, Maggie, Max.  I can not imagine a life without kids and dogs.
The little black schnauzer is Gracie.  Andy's baby is in the background.  I don't think Andy meant to leave him by the trash, more likely the back door that is just around the corner.  A few nights ago I had company for dinner --  2 rowdy grandsons and a rowdy granddaughter plus my 2 daughters & I talking loudly since I am hearing impaired. The house was noisy and while Andy loves the kids after awhile Andy likes quiet.  Andy was probably trying to help his baby escape!  Last photo ... Best buddies, Zoe & Andy 

Friday, November 15, 2013

CHEER-fully Doing Laundry!

Well, I really was afraid to believe it would happen but I had a lot to GAIN by staying positive.  Look what came in with the TIDE ~~~ I have CHEER-fully been doing laundry ALL day.  There they are, my bargain appliances, SNUGGLEd up to my freezer.  Yes, I did get a great price.  It was all on the UP & UP and they were a GREAT VALUE.    Now I am going to WHISK up some homemade fabric softener from the recipe I found on Pinterest, and use it just as soon as I can find a DOWNY ball to purchase. Oh, and the plant?  Remember my saying I had two pieces of geranium I was able to root?  I had just planted them in the red pot.  I still can't believe I finally had a broken piece root! Life is good! :)
Homemade Fabric Softener Recipe
6 cups HOT water
3 cups white vinegar
2 cups (16 ounces) Suave Conditioner for hair
         (or any kind of conditioner you want.  My daughter makes it for me and has used Suave numerous times because it is less than $1 a bottle - even less when you use coupons)
  • Mix the conditioner & hot water well, until conditioner is dissolved completely.
  • Add the vinegar and mix well.
  • Store in a large container such as an empty vinegar bottle
  • Before each use shake well or stir up the contents of the bottle.
  • Pour into a Downy ball or use approximately 2 Tablespoons in the fabric softener dispenser on your washer.
Recipe is from

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cats & Dogs ...

Feeling a little down, just the depression cloud falling on me, so I went to Pinterest to find something to make me smile.....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Beautiful Sunset

I did not take this photo but I saw the sunset tonight.  Why do I ever leave home without my camera?  A TV meteorologist fairly new to Amarillo took this photo this evening.  This is his comment left on Facebook ... "An absolutely stunning sunset in Amarillo this evening. I actually got shivers. I am in complete awe of the beauty in the Texas Panhandle."
A Bishop at my church once counseled me to slow down, make a point of going outside in the evening and watching the sunset.  Do you often watch a sunset?
NewsChannel10 Meteorologist Mack Morris's photo.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Don't Handle Stress Well

     I don't handle stress well.  It has been a stressful week.  Going to the psychiatrist on Monday started off my stressful week because she asked me about something I had told her a year or so ago and I had absolutely no memory of it.  At all.  I really wanted to ask if she had the correct patient record in front of her but then she brought up my concussion, asking if the long term effects seem to be gone,  so I assumed she did have the correct record.   Back to the memory thing, that stresses me that there are so many things I should remember but I don't.  A lot of things I remember I wish I would forget.  I get really stressed over normal everyday non-traumatic things people bring up that I do not remember in the slightest.
    My new grandson came home from the hospital.  He is the sweetest, best baby ever and perfect except he has a problem with one foot.  He goes to an orthopedic specialist on Monday. I worry over what the corrective procedure will be and if he has to have a cast how his tender little skin will handle it.  After having a cast myself last year and being warned about not getting a sore under it I worry since his little skin doesn't appreciate diapers against it and breaks out in a tomato red rash with white bumps. Unfortunately, give me something to worry over and I can run with it. 
I learned to gibe not because I have much, but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing  Will you give to someone today?     Awhile back one of my daughter's mentioned that her washer had died.  The dryer is just as old.  She and her husband have to wear dress clothes to work including mandatory company logo shirts.  They have 4 boys.  They need a washer.  I insisted she take my 3 year old washer and dryer. There is just one of me and 6 of them.  Guess who would have more laundry.  I could take my little bit of laundry to her house and do it. Or to one of my other children's homes. No big deal.  Actually, it is not as generous as it may seem.  I hate that washer and dryer.  When I bought them I thought I needed a front loading HE set.  The dryer was great.  I never loved the washer. With front loading washers you have to run a "wash the appliance cycle" every now and then.  You have to leave the door open so it can air out after running a load (not a problem) and you have to take a cloth and dry out the rubber gasket after each load, and still too often my laundry comes out smelling worse than when I put it in the washer.   Musty.  I just didn't like that washer and have always been mad at myself for buying it.  Still, it sure beat no washer and I would have felt bad every time I saw my appliances sitting there knowing with her family and her work schedule she really needed it so it was no biggy to decide to give it to her.  She understood.  She posted the saying above on facebook shortly after I gave them to her.    The giving was totally unstressful.  The stress this week came when I realized I do need a washer and I had some money put back so I started the hunt for a bargain.  You know how I love a bargain.  I love garage sales but some things I don't want used ... used things with moving parts never work for me.  I wanted new so I could have it installed.  After a relative was almost killed when something flew out of the back of a pickup in front of her on a highway I won't ever again ask someone to move something in their own truck for me. I will let a professional do it in an enclosed truck.  Anyway, while looking at appliance store ads online I found a great deal on a regular top loading washer.  A Maytag, with a little over 4 out of 5 customer review stars, and $200 off making it the same price as the cheapest washers with fewer stars and scary customer reviews such as "do not bring this piece of junk home unless you like water all over your floor." Those cheapest washers were in my price range.  That Maytag sounded great to me so I did an online order for it and the matching dryer.  I paid for it with my debit card because I had the money in the bank to cover it.  I knew I did.  OK fine, no stress yet. Later that day I got an email from the big box store.  "The bank declined your debit card so the order was not processed. Please contact your bank." So I:
  • checked bank account online.  Money is there. Amount for washer & dryer had been withdrawn by big box store. Then added back in evidently by big box store.  
  • Go to bank. No, bank had no reason to decline. No problem there.
  • Go to actual big box store. Buy same appliances.  Compliment them on the dishwasher I purchased a few months ago and how professional the delivery people were who came to my home.  Tell the appliance man all about my online order problem. He gives me additional 10% of my washer/dryer.  Wonderful, I said. Paid for washer/dryer with same debit card. Goes through just fine.
  • Next day I get an email. Online order has been resubmitted and deducted from my bank account.  What!? I had enough money for two appliances, not four! They did not say they would be resubmitting the order, they just told me to contact my bank.
  • I am hearing impaired and talking to people on the phone just stresses me so I do an online chat. Explain the entire deal, nice man says he can fix it.  I specifically tell him don't cancel my in-store purchase because I want that washer/dryer set at that price the store gave me.  OK. Cancels the online order and says refund will take 5 to 7 days.  What!? I fill out customer comments and tell them by the time they refund my money 7 days later I will have overdrawn fees for one set of washer/dryers because I have now paid for 4 appliances instead of two.
  • Later check bank account online and the online order amount has been deducted and added back in a second time.  I am fine. Whew.  Did not take 7 days for them to add it back in.
  • Next day the big box store calls me and says corporate has sent me a refund check. Please come to customer service and pick up the check. For what, I say?  From the amount and info she gives me I know they have refunded the amount from my in-store purchase with the extra 10% taken off the total amount.
  • Go to big box store.  Very nice man tries to figure out why I now have records showing I have purchased 3 washers and 3 dryers, paid for each, order cancelled, and been refunded for each of the 3 sets this week.  Very nice man really tries to straighten it out, even calling an employee at home to see why corporate would be sending me a check.  He asks her to come back to the store to help straighten this out.  I tell him absolutely not would I ask someone to come back to the store at 6 p.m.  He could talk to her tomorrow.  It was a washer, not like I was waiting on a kidney or something.  I know they will take care of me.  Very nice man says we have been trying to straighten this out now for over an hour. He appreciates my patience and understanding and is going to knock another $100 off my order. Wonderful and Thank You, I say.  After another half hour he thinks he has it all straight and he sells me the same set again,  for the 4th time.  In 4 days. Since the price is now $100 lower than the refund check he gives me money back.  OKAY!  Very nice man calls the delivery people, a second company, to make sure my original delivery date is still good to go.  No, I am not on the schedule for Friday delivery, that got cancelled when my in-store purchase was cancelled.  He tries to fix that but alas, my delivery will be a week later.  Okay. At least I have a washer and dryer coming some day.
  • Next day a lady from the big box store calls and leaves a voice mail.  "Please call because we have an online order that has not been paid. Call me to make payment arrangements or we will have to cancel the order."  Is my head spinning yet????
  • Call big box store.  That lady is gone for the day. I ask for that very nice man and I even remember his name is Reuben, from seeing his name tag in front of me for almost 2 hours the evening before.  Reuben gets on the phone.  Reuben, do you remember me? Yes. (how could he not)  I just got a call about an online order....blah blah blah.   Long pause. Finally Reuben says, ohhhh I hope she did not cancel your order we placed last night.  Well, me too.  Reuben assures me he will talk to her tomorrow.  Oh please do.  Do I really expect a washer and dryer to be delivered next week? NO.  But hey, maybe I will get another $100 knocked off.  Pretty soon it will be free!!!  And yes, I am stressed.
       But the real stress that broke the camel's back was this morning.  When I got out of bed, all ready for a big housecleaning day since I am not babysitting the grandkids today, I walked into my living room and I saw something in the floor right in front of "my chair."  My dogs had brought Momma a present in through the doggy door.  For three years I have had a pesky burrowing animal digging up holes in my yard. There, in my house, in front of my chair, on my carpet was a gopher.  Thankfully a dead gopher.  And a dog throwing up over in the corner.  AM.I.STRESSED.NOW????   I took a picture because I wanted to email it to my sister and whine about my pitiful, stressful life and why don't I live on the 3rd floor of an assisted living luxury place with a maintenance man to handle any problems of any kind that arise.   My big sister did not even offer to come over and pick it up for me.  I guess living in the next state is reason enough for some people.  :)   Besides, I had already done the job although I was scared to death it was just playing possum and worried that when I had to get the dustpan and scoot it in a bag that gopher would pop up, bite me, and run hide in my house somewhere, like my bed.  Thank goodness it really was dead.   My daughter asked if I was going to post that photo on my blog.  No, I will spare you.  You are most welcome.  Now, shampooing my carpet is my top priority as soon as I quit flipping out and having my mini-breakdown. That may take awhile.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jambalaya Part II

  • Towards evening I got a little stressed and was in need of comfort food --- quick --- and good company so my daughter joined me for dinner.  We had homemade sloppy joes, Ore-Ida Crinkle Cut Frozen French Fries baked in the oven, fried okra from the store deli, salad, and Marie Callender's Razzleberry Pie with Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  A dang fine meal.  If you have never had Razzleberry Pie topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream you are missing out.
  • Because people my age probably should not eat sloppy joes late in the evening I am now up at 12:03 a.m. with heart burn or indigestion or whatever.  I am waiting for my cure-all drink to cool enough for me to get it down.  Should you ever have the I-Ate-Spicy-Food-Too-Late-At-Night-Burn let me tell you what cures it for me.  Why, no, I did not graduate from medical school.  I am only sayin' this works for me.  What you do with the info is your business.  What I do is put a cup of water in the microwave until it is good and hot.  Add 1 Tablespoon honey, 1 Tablespoon Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and a packet of Alpine Spiced Apple Drink Mix.  Stir it up and drink with a straw to keep the vinegar away from your teeth (and taste buds).  Really, if you drink this often the taste grows on you.
  • I annoyed myself to death the other day when my brain would not pull up a movie title from my defunct memory cells.  Finally, I emailed a former co-worker who was able to jog my memory.  Just in case you were wondering, two of my very favorite DVD series are Anne of Green Gables (4 dvds) and Sarah, Plain and Tall (a trilogy). 
  • Christmas is in 47 days.  Why the need to bring that up, you ask?  No reason... I just saw a commercial, and that reminded me in my family there is a birthday for two friends, a step-grandson, a son, a granddaughter, plus Thanksgiving before I get to Christmas.  I am looking forward to January. I like calm, dull days.
  • I have not been compensated  for (nor asked to stop!) mentioning products such as Braggs Organic Vinegar, Ore-Ida, Marie Callender's, and who ever made those DVDs. No one at those companys reads my blog or know who I am.  Some days neither do I.  
  • LOL!  That reminds me ... a while back I mentioned that I have a first name, Sara, which I use for medical things since that is how my Medicare is listed, and normally I go by my middle name, Carol.  And Betsy, she is just my alter ego (I am not real fond of either Sara or Carol). This week I had a Dr's appointment at my city's mental health clinic.  Before I can see the psychiatrist I first have to see a lady who weighs me (too much), takes my blood pressure (too high) and measures my oxygen level (great! 95%).  That lady comes to the packed waiting room and calls out "Sara?".  Everybody looks at me as I stand up because that is just what we do.  Next, I need to see my caseworker, who has to as the same questions every time (are you taking your meds, do you have family moral support, are you sleeping). My caseworker comes to the same packed waiting room and calls out "Carol?" because she knows I use my middle name.  Everybody looks at me when I stand up.  My psychiatrist comes to the packed waiting room. Calls out "Sara?" and everyone looks at me.  As I got up to follow the Dr. I thought to myself "only at a mental health clinic could you answer to two different names and no one else there even bats an eye."
  • Because I like photos with my posts here is Andy tonight as he was waiting for me to go to bed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amarillo Sunset

As I left my son's home I saw this sunset ... so I pulled over and took this photo

Elizabeth Smart, A Second Thought

A postscript for the previous post....  Not only is her book available in hardback and Kindle but I just saw that it is available on CD.  Elizabeth is the reader.  To hear Chapter 40 in her own voice would have to be a powerful experience.  My library does not yet have it on CD but when it does I think I will check it out and listen to only that chapter.

My Story Elizabeth Smart

This is only November 5th so I know I most likely will read a dozen more books this month but I know today that for November this title will be the best of the bunch.  
      I, along with most of America, read the newspaper articles and saw the clips on news broadcasts regarding the Elizabeth Smart case in 2002 and 2003.  In case you are one of the few who might not recognize her name she was 14 years old when a man stole her from her bed and held her prisoner for 9 months.  I did not read the book her parents wrote, nor the book her uncle wrote about her abduction and rescue back in 2003 and 2006.  That I did not read them was a little strange for me because I love biographies and autobiographies, and like Elizabeth I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Normally those two things would be enough to insure I at least looked at the books.  I was curious, but I chose not to read them because I have a very tender spot for people who have been abused, especially children, and I thought it would be too painful for me to read.  For the same reason, I probably would not have read this book had I not seen an interview Elizabeth Smart gave to Meredith Viera last month.  I only caught a portion of it but it was so powerful I decided to get on the waiting list for the book at my library. I started it last night and finished it today.
     If you are looking for a gritty, full blown description of the rape and abuse she suffered you will be disappointed.  I for one am glad she left much to the imagination.  I did not want to read about that. What impressed me from the interview, and from the book was the strength Elizabeth had, strength of faith and determination.  She was only a child but she had more faith, determination, sense of survival skills than most adults.  
    Should you not want to read the book I hope you will at least read the last chapter.    Chapter 40, entitled "Gratitude and Faith" is only 9 pages long.  One of my favorite remarks was Elizabeth saying that at the time she wrote the book she had lived for 307 months. 9 months had been "pretty terrible," (what an understatement) but that 298 months had been very good, and that she liked those odds.  To me that is an incredible attitude. Her other thoughts in those 9 pages are even more remarkable.  Her tender feelings of gratitude were amazing, inspirational, and a lesson we all could learn from her, no matter what trials we have in our lives.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Zombie Toes

I am addicted to Pinterest!  Sometimes I even TRY some of the things I pinned.  This was a recent one:

"Listerine: the BEST way to get your feet ready for summer. Sounds crazy but it works! Mix 1/4c listerine (any kind but I like the blue), 1/4c vinegar and 1/2c of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off!"
       This is me...I used the blue Listerine too.  Two comments: 
 1)  It really worked great!  Dead skin came off easily just like the pin said it would.  
 2) It left my feet stained a sicky blue that looked like I had died!    
As I was soaking my feet I was thinking hhmmm, this is like dying Easter eggs ... vinegar and food coloring type dye! Obviously, I should have soaped up my feet as soon as I was through removing the dead skin but it was bedtime, I was tired, I rinsed my feet, dried them off and just went to bed.   A day later, and a shower, and my toenails & toes still have a pale blue/greenish zombie looking tint.  Note to self: next time, go wash off the Listerine before it tints my toes.  LOL!  My daughter said "well don't do that if you plan on wearing open toed shoes!"  Not that I ever wear open toed shoes. I most often wear 3 kinds of shoes...Crocs, Sketchers, and house shoes.
I put Sketchers because I don't know what to call them.  Athletic shoes?? I am NOT athletic.  Jogging shoes?? I jogged once. Not an activity for busty women with aching knees and feet.  Tennies?? What we called Keds in the 60's.  Walking shoes?  Heaven to Betsy, that sounds like an old lady shoe.  I am not an old lady yet.  What do you call this type of shoe?
No one at Listerine, Crocs, Sketchers knows who the heck I am, nor did they compensate me in any way for mentioning their fine products.

Friday, November 1, 2013

I Don't Think I Have A Future As A Professional Baker :)

What IS that, you ask??? LOL! It is banana bread!  Heaven only knows what happened to it.