Monday, November 4, 2013

Zombie Toes

I am addicted to Pinterest!  Sometimes I even TRY some of the things I pinned.  This was a recent one:

"Listerine: the BEST way to get your feet ready for summer. Sounds crazy but it works! Mix 1/4c listerine (any kind but I like the blue), 1/4c vinegar and 1/2c of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off!"
       This is me...I used the blue Listerine too.  Two comments: 
 1)  It really worked great!  Dead skin came off easily just like the pin said it would.  
 2) It left my feet stained a sicky blue that looked like I had died!    
As I was soaking my feet I was thinking hhmmm, this is like dying Easter eggs ... vinegar and food coloring type dye! Obviously, I should have soaped up my feet as soon as I was through removing the dead skin but it was bedtime, I was tired, I rinsed my feet, dried them off and just went to bed.   A day later, and a shower, and my toenails & toes still have a pale blue/greenish zombie looking tint.  Note to self: next time, go wash off the Listerine before it tints my toes.  LOL!  My daughter said "well don't do that if you plan on wearing open toed shoes!"  Not that I ever wear open toed shoes. I most often wear 3 kinds of shoes...Crocs, Sketchers, and house shoes.
I put Sketchers because I don't know what to call them.  Athletic shoes?? I am NOT athletic.  Jogging shoes?? I jogged once. Not an activity for busty women with aching knees and feet.  Tennies?? What we called Keds in the 60's.  Walking shoes?  Heaven to Betsy, that sounds like an old lady shoe.  I am not an old lady yet.  What do you call this type of shoe?
No one at Listerine, Crocs, Sketchers knows who the heck I am, nor did they compensate me in any way for mentioning their fine products.


  1. Pinterest is addicting and a major time sucker in my life. I had read about the Listerine soak but had not tried it yet. I plan to though, so thanks for the tip! I have to admit I have a near fetish about keeping the callous build up off my feet.

  2. I don't like that callous build up either. This really did work great. Oh, Pinterest --- my biggest wasted time --- although not always wasted. :)

  3. Honey, just tell the truth. You been smashing them grapes with your tootsies again?

  4. ROFLOL!!!! You know it!! I have been smashing grapes and drinking the "juice." No, wait, then my toes would be purple. So, yeah, it was just blue Listerine! My toes my be blue but the upside is they probably smell good!

  5. I am addicted too - now that is funny - your blues feet were ready for summer in sandals?

    1. LOL! My feet would have scared small children!