Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Zzzzzz Is for Zoe

This just kind of sums up how I feel, and have for a long time.  All I want to do is sleep. Wake up to eat and then take a nap so I have energy to go to bed. Zzzz  I want to snap out of it  but I have to take a nap first.  I wish I could buy a bucket or two of energy at the grocery store because my bucket is empty. I'm really tired of feeling so dead tired.


  1. Honey, you and I just need a vacation away from all of the everyday goings on.

    1. Amen. My last vacation was in 1998 when the kids and I went to Durango and rode the train. At the time I didn't think Brent enjoyed it but Kali tells me Brent wants to take them to ride the train as soon as the kids are old enough. That was 15 years ago so my kids were 13, 14, 17, 19 and I was 44. Oh my gosh---I can't believe what all has happened to us since then. How on earth did I survive it all??

  2. Tis the season to be bone tired and then we get to add a time change on top of that. It is a wonder any of us can function normally.