Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jambalaya Part II

  • Towards evening I got a little stressed and was in need of comfort food --- quick --- and good company so my daughter joined me for dinner.  We had homemade sloppy joes, Ore-Ida Crinkle Cut Frozen French Fries baked in the oven, fried okra from the store deli, salad, and Marie Callender's Razzleberry Pie with Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  A dang fine meal.  If you have never had Razzleberry Pie topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream you are missing out.
  • Because people my age probably should not eat sloppy joes late in the evening I am now up at 12:03 a.m. with heart burn or indigestion or whatever.  I am waiting for my cure-all drink to cool enough for me to get it down.  Should you ever have the I-Ate-Spicy-Food-Too-Late-At-Night-Burn let me tell you what cures it for me.  Why, no, I did not graduate from medical school.  I am only sayin' this works for me.  What you do with the info is your business.  What I do is put a cup of water in the microwave until it is good and hot.  Add 1 Tablespoon honey, 1 Tablespoon Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and a packet of Alpine Spiced Apple Drink Mix.  Stir it up and drink with a straw to keep the vinegar away from your teeth (and taste buds).  Really, if you drink this often the taste grows on you.
  • I annoyed myself to death the other day when my brain would not pull up a movie title from my defunct memory cells.  Finally, I emailed a former co-worker who was able to jog my memory.  Just in case you were wondering, two of my very favorite DVD series are Anne of Green Gables (4 dvds) and Sarah, Plain and Tall (a trilogy). 
  • Christmas is in 47 days.  Why the need to bring that up, you ask?  No reason... I just saw a commercial, and that reminded me in my family there is a birthday for two friends, a step-grandson, a son, a granddaughter, plus Thanksgiving before I get to Christmas.  I am looking forward to January. I like calm, dull days.
  • I have not been compensated  for (nor asked to stop!) mentioning products such as Braggs Organic Vinegar, Ore-Ida, Marie Callender's, and who ever made those DVDs. No one at those companys reads my blog or know who I am.  Some days neither do I.  
  • LOL!  That reminds me ... a while back I mentioned that I have a first name, Sara, which I use for medical things since that is how my Medicare is listed, and normally I go by my middle name, Carol.  And Betsy, she is just my alter ego (I am not real fond of either Sara or Carol). This week I had a Dr's appointment at my city's mental health clinic.  Before I can see the psychiatrist I first have to see a lady who weighs me (too much), takes my blood pressure (too high) and measures my oxygen level (great! 95%).  That lady comes to the packed waiting room and calls out "Sara?".  Everybody looks at me as I stand up because that is just what we do.  Next, I need to see my caseworker, who has to as the same questions every time (are you taking your meds, do you have family moral support, are you sleeping). My caseworker comes to the same packed waiting room and calls out "Carol?" because she knows I use my middle name.  Everybody looks at me when I stand up.  My psychiatrist comes to the packed waiting room. Calls out "Sara?" and everyone looks at me.  As I got up to follow the Dr. I thought to myself "only at a mental health clinic could you answer to two different names and no one else there even bats an eye."
  • Because I like photos with my posts here is Andy tonight as he was waiting for me to go to bed.


  1. I wish I would have had you last night as my acid reflux was soooooo bad my throat was even hurting. I have regular apple cider vinegar, will that work?
    Didn't know you liked the movie, Sarah, Plain and Tall. I love that movie.
    Just in case you ever want to know, I always wished I had been named Sarah for our grandmother we never got to meet. Our mother told me I was named for a service station along Rt. 66. La Linda Service Station.

    1. I bet your vinegar would work, or be better than nothing. This really works. At the end of my DILs pregnancy she was miserable with heartburn and it worked for her. Braggs is the only brand I know of that has "the mother" in it and evidently that is what is good for you. Next time you are in Walmart or a health food store get some Braggs...I don't remember how much but under $4. Isn't it funny how much we don't know about each other. I bet I have seen Sarah, Plain and Tall a hundred times. I used to check out that DVD all the time. Some movies are like comfort food for me. I also like Music Man and The King & I...the old one with Deborah Kerr, and Oklahoma....or dear, I feel a movie post coming together......

  2. Oh if only they could have called for Betsy too. lol

    1. ROFLOL!!!! I know, after I wrote that post I thought of that too!!!

  3. Your Andy is almost as cute as mine (grandson).
    And I would think vinegar would make the stomach burn more. I have that reflux too.

  4. Both of our Andy's are precious. Your Andy sounds like such a sweet boy.