Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Beautiful Sunset

I did not take this photo but I saw the sunset tonight.  Why do I ever leave home without my camera?  A TV meteorologist fairly new to Amarillo took this photo this evening.  This is his comment left on Facebook ... "An absolutely stunning sunset in Amarillo this evening. I actually got shivers. I am in complete awe of the beauty in the Texas Panhandle."
A Bishop at my church once counseled me to slow down, make a point of going outside in the evening and watching the sunset.  Do you often watch a sunset?
NewsChannel10 Meteorologist Mack Morris's photo.


  1. I watch both sunrise and sunset but have a lousy camera so have to capture the visions in my minds eye. So lucky to have my kitchen and den windows to the east and my living room and front porch to the west with the lake to the south.

    1. Sounds like you live in a beautiful place, and fortunate where you can see both sunrise and sunset. :) I have always wanted to live where I had a porch where I could see sit and see water in the distance. My son moved to Seattle this summer and sends me the most beautiful photos of Puget Sound.

  2. I make a point of watching the sun set when I can. They are in short supply on these gloomy November evenings. I have watched to sun rise over the Atlantic from the vantage of I95 heading south just along the South Carolina/Georgia border a couple of times as we travelled. Simply took my breath away.
    One time when we were young and riding in the car with my parents at sunset my little brother declared, "I see God!!" That memory always comes to me when I see a beautiful sunset and I take a deep breath and give thanks.

  3. You know I love the sunrise and the sunsets. However my home does not face either one and I am never outside when it rises - I am sometimes out when it sets and I don't have my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love them too. My mother-in-law used to say "God has out his paintbrush tonight."