Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Day Late and A Dollar Short!

    Dang it! I messed up!  You know I have been recovering from the flu, making me even more ditzy than normal, and I forgot that Wednesday was New Year's Day.  I didn't watch the Rose Bowl Parade and I did not eat my black eyed peas.  I had sense enough to wish y'all happy new year yesterday ( I think it was close to midnight when I posted that) but did not have enough sense to make the connection and remember the parade or peas.  LOL! I know black eyed peas don't have a thing to do with any good luck in 2014 but it is a southern thing.  I thought about eating them today but I didn't. That made me think of the old saying "a day late & a dollar short" ~~~ something my momma said I have always been.  Yeah, well, I am more than a day late on something besides black eyed peas.
       This is the first year since 1989 that I have not had a flu shot by October.  Did I get the flu? Why, yes, I did.  My daughter had her flu shot. Did she get sick even though she was daily around  many family members with the flu? NO. If my momma were alive she would be fussing at me about not getting that shot and being "a day late & a dollar short" if I was thinking about getting one now.  I don't even have a good excuse, other than I just didn't get one.  I was seriously suffering with depression during the fall and depressed people don't get things done. 
     In my last post I mentioned how in the old days there were full service gas stations.  One of my blogger friends mentioned that she thought there was a market for that now, especially for us baby boomers that might not mind spending a few extra cents a gallon for gas for full service. My response to her was: "You know, even living on Social Security and having to pinch pennies like mad, I would pay a little more for gas if I could have some help with my vehicle." I had my oil changed at Wal-Mart in December. They had a $19.99 special. When I picked my van up I asked if the automatic transmission fluid was ok (I have an old van and it leaks everything). She told my they did not check it because I got the $19.99 oil change special. I asked if I could have it checked please and was shocked when she said that she would have to then change my charge to the $29.99 oil change. Yep, $10 to check my auto transmission fluid.   It did NOT get checked!!!
In case I already told you about that, because you know my memory is crazy -- every day is a brand new day to me -- I apologize for any stories I repeat on this blog.
I guess I should add a disclaimer **Wal-Mart did not pay me to promote their $19.99 oil special or to tell you that they won't check the auto transmission fluid for an old lady who is standing there with a basket full of items purchased from said store while they changed my oil and mistakenly thought they could pull the rod out and see if there was any evidence of auto transmission fluid, which I would have then also purchased from them had I needed any (& most likely did need, but I don't know because I can't get the hood open and it still hasn't been checked).**
    Question of the day is would you be willing to pay, let's say 5 cents a gallon more for gas to have someone pump it, wash your windshield, check all the fluids under the hood, check your tire pressure & air them up if needed, take your money and bring the change to you, still sitting in your car not smelling like gas?  (I hear that new cars tell you when your tires are low... alas, my old van only tells me when I have left my blinker on far too long ...that hearing impairment thing.... and when the gas tank is all but empty). 
     Back to that question. I would.  I think I have a 20 gallon tank so at 5 cents that would just be a dollar extra. Maybe not every fill up but at least once a month I would appreciate help with my vehicle. For sure sometimes when it is snowy, or the wind is blowing 75 mph, or it is 17 degrees like earlier today, or it is 104 degrees outside and you burn your hand just touching the outside of your car.  Don't I live in Texas, you ask? Why, yes, I do.   Okay, every fill up.  If it is just a dollar or so extra.


  1. I hope it's OK that I'm laughing? Sort of, maybe, at your expense?
    This is a good testimonial for why you should get a flu shot. Maybe next year?
    About the service station thing. They aren't service stations any more, only gas stations. All those guys who used to know how to service your car are gone. Maybe some of them work at Wal-Mart, where they charge for every "service".

  2. I do remember those full service stations. Clean windshields, fluids checked, visual on tires with corrections when needed, and actual relationships with the guys that worked there. Sigh.
    What I miss the most however is not getting that gas smell on my hands. I am really good at that.

    1. Me too (good at getting the gas smell on my hands)...
      and nothing lasts as long as that smell!

  3. Aunt Betsy, I raise chickens and drive tractors and haul chicken feed. At one time I also had goats. No, I would not pay extra to have my car attended to by someone else. However this little town where I live has people who would help me in a heart beat if I needed it for absolutely no charge. Previously I was a bank Vice President and in charge of marketing. Yes, then I would have paid extra to keep from going on business calls smelling like gasoline. Besides, the company paid my expenses. But sadly no help was available.

    1. Good morning Annie! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. I do not mind pumping my own gas, but I would pay the extra dollar or so if it meant someone would have a job.

  5. A flu and car woes. It’s a good thing that it didn’t happen to you at the same time, or else it will be a total pain in the neck. And with regards to your question, I would probably say yes, considering that for that amount of money, they offered a lot of services for my car, like a car wash and probably a quick tune up. Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better now.