Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prayers Requested For Andy

     Remember Andy, my granddog?  He belongs to my daughter but he has lived with me for about 2 years because he has such separation anxiety my daughter could not leave him alone in her apartment.  He has wonderful lungs and vocal cords.  When she would have to leave him in the apartment everyone in the complex knew it.  People across the street knew it.  He made such a ruckus it sounded like he was being tortured.  He is fine with me and my dogs, even when I have to leave them alone for awhile, so Andy came to live with me. 
      Andy has a momma and a grandma that love him to pieces.  Our dogs are not animals - they are children who happen to have more hair and more legs than some of the other children.

       Andy developed an ailment that required treatment on a monthly basis, then more frequently.  The vet wanted surgery to be the last option after we tried everything else.  Well, after 14 months we had exhausted all means of help for him so Andy had surgery today.  
       It was suppose to be a very routine and easy surgery.  My daughter took him at 9 a.m. and he was suppose to be home by 3 p.m.   His surgery did not go well.  There were complications.  It turned into something more extensive than planned.  Andy had to stay the night.  Probably will have to stay at the vet's tomorrow night.  The vet would not let him come home because if he starts to bleed out he needs to be there where he can get the medical help he needs as soon as possible.  
      If Andy does not "make it" my daughter and I both will be just devastated.  We are worried. We are scared.   And it reminds us too much of when Max, my white schnauzer, had to have surgery at the same vet's office a couple of years ago and didn't make it.  It wasn't the vet's fault. Max had extensive cancer.  
      We knew how serious it was re: Andy's surgery when the Dr. said he had to stay overnight, maybe longer.  One of the treatments Andy had last summer involved anesthesia and when Andy woke up and realized he was there without his people he started his vocal separation anxiety protest to the extent that they had to call my daughter to come get him RIGHT NOW.  Evidently he was ok when they left for lunch but when the staff returned at 1:30 they could hear him from the street.  By the time they got the building unlocked he had all the other dogs barking and crying as well.  After that, they made sure my daughter was with Andy 100% of the time when he is in their office for any treatment.  

      When the Dr called my daughter after Andy's surgery and to tell her he couldn't come home today my daughter asked about the separation anxiety problem.  The vet said Andy would be on pain meds and would sleep.  It would be too dangerous to let him come home before tomorrow at the earliest. 
     We trust this vet and have used him with all our dogs for decades.  Even though his office visits have often been unpleasant, Andy loves to go to the vet's office and loves the entire staff.  He wags his tail and gives them kisses.  I know they will give him the best care they can.  But prayers are requested for Andy and for Momma and Grandma.  

      Remember Andy's "baby" that he has to put to bed every night? (Oct 25, 2013 post)   It sure was hard tonight at bedtime to see his baby in the floor, and no Andy to put it to bed.  My daughter and I both had a good cry.



  1. I'm so sorry for your worry. Sending hopeful thoughts for a successful recovery.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I hope you are doing better every day.

  2. Praying for all of you, and especially for Andy.

    1. Thank you. We need them. We are too fragile, Casey and I, to handle any other loses at the moment.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. We are ready for Andy to come home ... maybe tomorrow.