Saturday, February 8, 2014

Walking A Cat

haha. this is the only way you could "walk" a cat. 

       I wish my son could have taken a video of his girlfriend's cat.  Living in an apartment, the girlfriend decided the cat needed some fresh air and outside time so she bought a leash and a halter.  The cat, who was quite a character, did not appreciate the gifts at all.
       She put the halter and leash on the cat and was going to walk him around the apartment to get use to it before taking him outside.  The second the girl put the halter & leash on the cat he fell over like the halter weighed so much he could no longer stand up. It wasn't too heavy - he was an adult cat who had never missed a meal.  She would pick him up, stand him on his feet, and he would fall over, quite dramatically.
      When she picked up the leash and gently tried to get him to walk he would remain on his side, slowly extending his legs, clawing the carpet, dragging himself along on his side, meowing pitifully, even though his human was not pulling on the leash. 
       The girl would talk to the cat in a soothing voice, trying to encourage him to get up and walk but no, the cat "couldn't" stand up. When the girl dropped the leash and thought she would just let him get used to it before trying to walk him the cat just laid there.  But wait! Hold on! A Miracle happens!
       When the girl headed to the kitchen I guess the cat thought he was missing an opportunity for a treat so he jumped up and trotted right behind her, halter, leash and all.  When the girl turned around and looked at the cat he suddenly remembered and fell on his side.  When the girl looked way and ignored him the cat could walk just fine.  Every time she looked back at the cat he would fall on his side!  What a ham! 


  1. There is nothing like a cat to bring entertainment into your life. You gotta love them.

  2. Cats live on their own terms for sure.

  3. Love the perfect idea of walking them using a box train.

  4. Ha ha.....just like a cat not to appreciate the good intentions and to handle it on his own terms.