Saturday, March 15, 2014

Brain Exercises

     Does anyone else play online games?  I have been on, the Readers Digest site, for days now playing Mahjongg Dimensions.  I am an addict.  It is horrible.  I have to MAKE myself stop or I would never get anything done.  I just want to do one more.  For awhile I went to to play memory match.  Before that it was Farkle on facebook.  It used to be Words With Friends. A different kind of match game   A counselor told me they would be good for brain exercises.  Reading is a good brain exercise.   Well, my brain is getting plenty of exercise.  Now if I would just exercise my body more often.
     The ten p.m. news is on and the wind is blowing hard with gusts up to 54 mph.  To put in perspective, a category 1 Hurricane would have sustained winds starting at 74 mph. It has been blowing hard for about 5 hours so far. The weatherman just said at 7 a.m. tomorrow the winds will be blowing around 30 mph but that is calming down a lot from what they are right now.  That means all night long the wind will howl.  If the wind does not "howl" where you live it sort of sounds like a freight train going by real close, and can feel like it too.   It is hard for me to sleep with the wind howling ..... and I am hearing impaired.  I wore hearing aides for years but they have a short life and a big cost so I don't have any right now.  I just think if the wind is loud even to me what it must sound like to everyone else. 


  1. I stay away from addictive games, because I could get addicted.
    We do get wind storms here where the wind howls, but mostly you hear the wind in the tall evergreen trees, very loud and and dangerous, especially as limbs and whole trees come crashing down.

  2. We had the wind. We had the dirt. 5:25 this morning and it is calm.

  3. I am addicted to AARP's online crosswords. I can really fell a sharping of the old grey matter.
    We might get some snow tonight.
    Stay safe.

  4. I have to be careful about playing games online because some will eat up my allowed broadband usage. It's the pits being on satellite and subject to FAP (Fair Access Policy)

  5. I play a Mahjongg game that I am pretty addicted to. I have made a point of avoiding Word with Friends because I know it could become a very big time eater for me.
    We have had a lot of high winds here lately and they make me a little crazy after a while.

    1. I love these games but they are a horrible waste of my time as I think "just one more then I will quit..."

  6. Oh, boy, I don't know whether to thank you for a new site or curse you for a new site!!!