Sunday, May 4, 2014

Long Time Between Posts

     I can't believe it has been this long since I have posted anything, and keep forgetting to post my 7 things.  Now that I am babysitting again I have found myself just running in all different directions.  I love those babies though and love spending time with them.  We are having a great time.
     Taylor and I spend a lot of time coloring, playing with Playdoh, working jigsaw puzzles, digging in the sandbox.  Rhett and I rock and cuddle and wave "hi" at each other.  I will see a lot of my older grandsons this summer.  That will mean lots of games of Chinese Checkers, Chicken Foot, Scrabble, Phase 10 and Uno.  
     When I am not babysitting I am sleeping .... and at every opportunity because I am just exhausted.  I should be cleaning house, packing to move, getting a garage sale put together, figuring out what to do about a car (another thing on the old van has broken ... more things are wrong than right with it).  I have a lot to do and I am tired, overwhelmed, and way behind.  I wish I had some energy.
      I talked to the office staff at the low income apartment complex and they expect several apartments to come open in the next few months.  Actually they had one for me last week but it was a third floor apartment.  I don't think my hips, knees and feet can take walking up that many stairs.  I will of course take my dog, Zoe, with me and since I will need to walk her at least 4 times a day that would be a lot of going up and down stairs.  I can't even imagine carrying groceries up those flights of stairs.  I hate to leave my home but financially it is just stupid for me to continue to try to hold on to it.  I just want to get the move over with and hope things settle down and I have less stress. 
     Tomorrow I am going back to see my primary physician.  At my check-up recently she ran numerous blood tests and some results were not good.  Evidently I am "pre-diabetic."  Also of concern is my liver.  A medication I take can damage your liver but for some reason -- even though my psychiatrist prescribed the highest approved dose of it for me for quite a long time -- she never ordered blood work to watch my liver.  My primary physician did last month and those numbers are not good, so I am going back tomorrow to see what she suggests.  It is always something.
     Nothing exciting going on in my neck of the woods but days are super busy.  I have not even had time to read very much.  By the time I get home and things calm down enough I think I have time to read I am so tired my comprehension is just gone.  I only read 8 books in April.  I make time to read my blogger friends' posts though, even if I don't take time to comment.  Usually by the time I read them my brain is numb from exhaustion and I can't think of a comment.  I love your posts though and look forward to seeing what is going on in your world.  


  1. Well, I was concerned that you were not posting even the seven gratitudes, but then I remembered about the babysitting. Have fun with the little ones.

  2. Hey, taking care of youngun is exhausting and so is stress. You have been hit with a double whammy. Hope you find a ground level place. I did stairs in the Keys and know it is not for me.

  3. I think you have your hands full taking care of those wonderful kids and then taking care if yourself. Both are important. I'm glad you are having fun with the kids.

  4. You influenced me to start the 7 gratitudes and then I guess you influenced me to stop them. I too have been busier than a March Hare and no time to be grateful. lol I hope your health will prove strong and the tests won't have a lot of influence on your abilities. Pre-diabetes is not good but it's better than diabetes. Cannot wait for you to get in your nice ground level apartment.