Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shopping In My Closet!

     I had Kohl's cash to spend so I went to my favorite store today.  An employee approached me and told me anything on clearance was an additional 25% off today.  What did I find?  A 4th of July outfit for my granddaughter.  Why, yes it is October 12th, but 4th of July will come around again. This will go in my "gifts box" in the closet.  I was really excited because I have been a Grandma for 13 years now and this is the first time I have ever been able to afford an Osh Cosh By Gosh item for a grandchild, even when on sale.  Original price for each piece was $16.00, clearance price $2.40. Cute 4th of July outfit for under $5.00!
     My next purchase was a purse for my daughter .... originally $44.00, clearance price $6.60. She wanted one similar to this last winter but couldn't find one in her price range. My daughter most often buys her purses at garage sales but never ran across one like this.  In addition to being a good sale price, in exchange for the purse she is going to mow my yard for me. :)
  I don't get too excited about clothes but I love new purses and billfolds.  I found one to put in my closet to save for next spring for myself. It was priced just right for me...$44.00 marked down to $3.30! Under 4 bucks sure works for me! It is slightly smaller than the magazine I received in my mailbox today so it is big enough for everything I want to carry, plus I like that little zippered pocket on the outside for my cell phone.  Actually, both purses were free because I had $10 Kohls cash.  Man, I LOVE that store!  ***DISCLAIMER***  No one at Kohls knows who I am, no one asked me to promote their store, nor did I receive any incentive for sharing my happy purchases story. I just like to share a good deal when I see one so everyone else can get a good deal too. 

 I mentioned the "gifts box" I have in my closet ....  All my adult life I have kept a box in the closet just to put super good buys in to save for gifts.  I don't like to shop when the stores are packed with people and I hate to see things I would really like to buy but can't afford so I avoid stores during the holiday season.  I doubt I go in a department store, mall or even Walmart again until after Christmas.  Not only are the stores crowded, but where I live car wrecks near the mall during the holiday season are many, theft of purchases put in cars while in another store are frequent, purse snatchings happen.  I don't want to deal with any of those things.  Now a few days after Christmas, or especially the first week of the new year I will hit the clearance shelves when everyone else has gone back to work.  Last year I purchased my birthday and Christmas presents for this year mostly in January. I bought my last Christmas present for 2013 last July. If I think I won't remember what I bought for whom I just stick a note on it.  One grandson has a birthday in March so after Christmas I asked him if there was something he didn't get for Christmas that he really wanted.  He mentioned a car race track system that attaches on your wall. It is really cool, and too expensive for me. I found one at a toy store in late January for 90% off, just in time for his birthday!
    Besides the good feeling I get when I find a bargain I get another good feeling when a birthday rolls around and I can shop the gift box in my closet, especially when a birthday comes and I have no money!  :) Plus, since I tend to have memory problems it is a lot of fun for me to open that "gifts box" and see what is in there!
      Life is good!  Tell me about your bargains, and go hug somebody.
              Betsy    (why hugs? Google hugs & mental health---a hug does amazing things as long as it is two people who want to hug)


  1. I will tell you - I have gone to Kohl's because so many people tell me they love it - like you - I have never ever found one thing there!

  2. Oh my goodness! Well, honey, I wish I lived by you because we would go shopping! I must admit I don't buy jeans there, dresses or coats there. Just about everything else I have--tops for me, sheets, bedding, vacuum cleaner, shoes, socks, bras, comes from there, especially when they send me a 30% off coupon and I always shop the sales and clearance racks because I refuse to pay retail. :) You will have to tell me where you like to shop.

  3. I love the way you shop!! :)

  4. Hi Sweetie, I love you and thanks for taking me shopping.

  5. My problem with buying gifts in advance is that I can't wait to give them so I go ahead and then have nothing for their special occasion.

    1. LOL! That is why you have to hide them in the closet and forget about them!