Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Little Splurge

Sorry, I ate a good bit of it before I got home. 

      Tonight my daughter and I were talking about the effects of sugar and decided -- for the millionth time -- we would try to give up, or really cut down on sodas and sugars.  Both of us have been wanting to try Sonic's newest treat, a waffle cone sundae so we decided we had better go try one tonight before the bitter cold weather hits on Tuesday and before we try to give up such things.  The commercial is very appealing to us!
     I chose the M & M's and strawberry sundae.  KC got a Reese's Peanut butter cup with chocolate syrup sundae.  We both thought they were really good.  My strawberries were  yummy with the ice cream.  The M & M's were pulverized to a powder and I could have done without that but overall it was very good.  
     I am glad we tried them but I won't ever get one again.  For $2.89 it was a pretty expensive splurge for me.  Braum's Frozen Yogurt twist waffle cones are about a dollar cheaper and I'm guessing twice as much yogurt vs to the amount of ice cream I had tonight.   Of course the frozen yogurt cone is not a "sundae" but Sonic's fare barely qualifies for that  description.  The presentation was pretty---vanilla soft serve ice cream, that pulverized candy  (not so pretty -- my first thought was vacuum cleaner lint), topped with what I'm thinking amounted to maybe a half of one sliced strawberry and a teaspoon of syrup, and a pretty quarter size squirt of whipped cream with a cherry placed on top.   If you don't have Braum's where you live their twist cone consists of vanilla frozen  yogurt and chocolate frozen yogurt in a better tasting waffle cone than Sonic's.
       An interesting tidbit about  Braums --- Braum's stores are located only in a 300 mile radius from the Braum farm in Tuttle, OK because they only use milk from their own cows for their products.  Amarillo barely makes it in their range limit but I am so glad we do.  All of their products are great.  


  1. You cannot miss on Braums. Even their produce is the best. They offer a Grilled Chicken Salad and a Grilled chicken sandwich that are only 302 calories. Almost all of their yogurt servings are only 120 calories for 1/2 cup so you can have a low calorie lunch for under 500 calories.

    1. I will have to try their chicken salad some time. I have never purchased anything from Braums that I didn't like. Good company. Hope you are having a good week... stay warm. Last walk of the day for me and my dog I just about froze. Wind chill was 1 degree. Did you see our Garth on ET with the woman who has cancer? What a nice man he is!