Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas day!

I love fresh flowers but seldom spend the money on them.  Yesterday I splurged $13 and bought this bouquet for myself at the grocery store.  

Christmas eve morning I was playing with my grandchildren when the sore throat I have been nursing along suddenly felt like razor blades in my throat, and I had that feeling that tells you oh fudgebucket, a cold is coming on.  My daughter had a cold last week. I should have expected it.  I have been under a lot of stress that I have not mentioned and that always lowers my immune system. 

This year I did not put up any Christmas decorations.  I just did not feel up to it. When I saw these flowers at the grocery store I decided I needed them because I am sick and stressed and sad, so this is my Merry Christmas to me and my Christmas decorations all in one.  Works for me. :)  I love them.

And because I absolutely love the pictures it paints in my head, and because possibly someone is here today that did not see it last week, and because I have recited it to myself a dozen or so times a day for weeks (it makes me happy) here again is my favorite poem:
In Winnipeg at Christmas

In Winnipeg at Christmas there’s lots and lots of snow,
Very clean, and crisp and hard
And glittering like a Christmas card
Everywhere you go;
Snow upon the housetops, snow along the street,
And Queen Victoria in her chair
Has snow upon her snowy hair
And snow upon her feet.

In Winnipeg at Christmas they line the streets with trees-
Christmas trees lit up at night
With little balls of coloured light
As pretty as you please.
The people hurry past you in furry boots and wraps;
The sleighs are like a picture book,
And all the big policemen look
Like Teddy Bears in caps.

And oh! The smiling ladies and jolly girls and boys;
And oh! The parties and the fun
With lovely things for everyone-
Books and sweets and toys.
So, if someday at Christmas you don’t know where to go,
Just pack your boxes up I beg,
And start at once for Winnipeg;
You’ll like it there I know.

-Rose Fyleman  

And the new year is just around the corner!  You never know what it will bring. 


  1. I do not like it that you are getting a cold virus. That is how it starts and then morphs into something horrible. I know because I was there for 8 days. Start the fluids immediately if you haven't already. The flowers should help a lot if they put a smile on your face. They are lovely. Merry Christmas Aunt Betsy!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too. I don't like this cold bug either. i didn't get to go to my son's home to see my grandkids with their Christmas presents. :( I was there yesterday when I started feeling sick and my son started feeling sick at the same time. It was the weirdest thing. Both of us just sick s a dog.

  2. I hope that you get relief before the New Year and then when the New Year comes you are up and running. Stay warm and lots of fluid, I hope that you have seen a doctor by now.
    May the magic of Christmas bring smiles to you.
    I don't buy too many flowers either, For me it has to be a live plant so I can watch it grow.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I have been drinking juice all day when I haven't been asleep. I also love live plants.

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    1. Hi Sandie, hope you are having a great day.