Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This music calms my soul.  You may have seen them on GMA recently or on Today. I just wanted to share:

ThePianoGuys O Come, Emmanuel

No one plays the piano like ThePianoGuys

Where Are You Christmas?  That precious little girl singing at the end is pianist Jon Schmidt's daughter, Sarah.  When she hugs and kisses her daddy at the end ... my eyes were swimming.

I can not imagine how his brain works that he can play upside down ...


  1. What delightful Christmas gifts you have given us in these wonderful videos. Yes Sarah kissing her daddy at then end of her song was just too sweet. Thank you Aunt Betsy.

  2. Hi Granny Annie, How are you feeling? I have been worried about you. I have heard of too many people with pneumonia and flu. Hope you are feeling much better.

  3. One of my favorite's is Where Is Christmas - I LOVE IT. SANDIE

  4. Hi Sandie, It is one of my favorites too. I love to hear Faith Hill sing it but boy, this little girl sure has a sweet voice.