Saturday, September 28, 2013

Garage Sale Friday!

      Today's treasure was this piece of Corning Ware, purchased for 25 cents!!!  It is a one quart pot, round on the bottom but square on the top.  I have no idea what the intended use was, but there must have been some reason for this shape.  Do you happen to have one or know why it is this shape?  It has a little bit of a lip and you can't see in the photo but printed on the inside are markings for ounces up to 32 oz.  The "handle" side is barely big enough to grasp.  The only thing I could think of was maybe for whipping cream??? But that doesn't make any sense for Corning ware.
      And I am disappointed! :(    No captions for the photo of Ronald on a horse??   YES! A caption has been added, and a good one.....but come on, guys...a few more captions please?! That would make my day    :)
     Oh, wait----I found the dish on is a sauce maker! The lady at the garage sale didn't mention the lid & handle! The dish was just in a cardboard box with some other items, salt shakers, bowls, wadded up paper and such, and I never thought about a handle for the pot. 




  1. You got a great deal. And I sent you a caption - maybe you didn't know it was.

  2. LOL!! I am such a ditz!!! No, I didn't realize that was the caption, I thought that is what you were saying to me! Obviously I was way tired when I read it! Sometimes I am so goofy I amuse myself!