Sunday, September 8, 2013

I am not a tree....
I saw this on Pinterest today and thought to myself "Aunt Betsy, that is exactly right, you are not a tree."  I don't like some things in my life. Since I retired I have slipped into a rut, staying home unless I just have to leave, and not really living life as much as I should.  Am I the only one?  Are your days pretty much like the ones you lived last week?  Nothing wrong with that, except I think I need to push myself a little. So, stick with me and let's see what is going on outside my 4 walls.
        I have lived on Route 66, the Mother Road, all of my life.  Every now and then I will post about something tied to Route 66, in my area at least.  Aunt Betsy will get off her buns and go take a photo of whatever it is.
       Do you like to read? I absolutely love reading.   Feel free to suggest titles.  I love cozy mysteries, biographies, novels about families, and humor.  I like my movies to be rated G or PG and I don't watch anything R rated.  If you know of a good movie not rated R let me know.  Maybe I will review a movie here every now and then.
       Since I am the only human living in my house I find it really hard to cook for one person.  I tend to just not cook but I think I will challenge myself to cook one real meal a week and share the recipe with you.  I have absolutely no original, made-up-by-Aunt-Betsy recipes, but I have tons that have been given to me or I have pinned on Pinterest.  And I just love Pinterest, how about you?   Oh, and I eat, I just don't cook.   
       Dogs! I will talk about dogs because I will always have a dog.  I am the crazy dog lady (my sister is the crazy cat lady). 
      I had to retire much earlier than I planned from a job I loved because of an illness that will not be going away but that is all I am going to say about that.  Because of that illness I am unable to work so dang it, I am financially challenged.  Having very little money, and not having the ability to change it, just stinks.  STINKS! It sure limits what I would like to do, like travel, go out to eat, do fun things but as long as I have a library card and a few other things I am pretty happy (and pretty lucky).  If you have any frugal living tips send them my way.
      I really like to take photos.  I don't have fancy equipment, just a point and shoot camera but it is the best toy I ever had.  Do you like to take photos?  On Sundays I think I will just post a photo, no text.  I would love it if you would leave a comment letting me know what you think when you see the photo, or how it makes you feel, or something.  Comments, I would like comments, please! :) Can anyone tell me a simple way to put a watermark on a photo to indicate I took it?  I would like to put my name on them.  Please and thank you.
      I believe life is short so tell people you love them, give them a hug, call your Momma, & find something beautiful to look at wherever you are. I hope to make some new friends so I hope you will come back by, and please let me hear from you!
Go hug somebody,
Aunt Betsy  


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    1. Oh my goodness! Aunt Betsy is an idiot! I had my first comment and was darn excited I clicked on something ACCIDENTALLY and deleted it. Tina, I am so sorry!!! I did not mean to remove your comment!! Bless her heart! She was just saying she like the dahlia!!

  2. So do you like Rt. 66? What is your favorite thing about it? Mine would be the neon lights

  3. At night the neon lights ARE beautiful. As I said, I have always lived on Route 66 so growing up I thought all towns were like that---more motel rooms than people living in the town almost, curio shops, lots of places to eat (LOL! this is how poor we were, I really thought only people traveling through town ate at those places, really, I thought that up until I was in high school). Famous people came through town. What I like best is knowing that the world doesn't end at the edge of town...somebody is getting to go down that highway to a place they've been dreaming of. The worst thing about it is the drug traffic that goes through (we have excellent state troopers who catch alot of people carrying huge amounts of illegal drugs) and another bad thing is the wrecks. Back to the neon, yep, I love jewel tone colors and I wonder if that is because the neon lights were probably the most beautiful thing about the town I grew up in.