Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kohls, Sketchers and I Broke My Most Serious Rule

No one at Kohl's or Sketchers has ever heard of me.  I did not get a free pair of shoes or any other compensation for this post.  I just really love the shoes.
I have some rules for myself that I just do not break.  I made the decision once and I don't have to remake those decisions again.  Well, usually.  One rule is "never pay retail because everything is on sale eventually, or will show up at Goodwill." Well, I broke that rule today.  I have a condition, Morton's Neuroma, that makes walking extremely painful so I am always looking for some shoes that my aching feet can tolerate.  Today I went to Kohl's (my favorite store) and asked the man working in the shoe department if they had any walking shoes on sale.  He said "Well, the best walking shoe we have are not on sale but if you want to try the shoe that gets raves from nurses and people who have to stand on their feet all day then let me show you these." Of course, I was thinking "yeah, right" but the 4 shelf endcap display had 3 empty shelves and about 4 boxes on the top shelf.  Either they were wonderful shoes and sold like hotcakes, or he had 4 pair of shoes left he wanted to get rid of and I looked like someone who could afford to pay retail.  Hmmm, I had on a $4 t-shirt Kohl's ran as a special in July, jeans faded because of many washings, and some worn out Crocs. I don't think he took me for someone who spends big bucks. Ok, fine, I tell him I wear a size 9.  When shoes are on sale by the time I get there all the 9's are usually gone.  I live in Texas - we have big feet, I guess.  What are the odds out of the 4 remaining boxes one would fit me?  Yep, one of them was a 9.  It was fate.  I was suppose to try on those shoes. I slipped one on while thinking "trying on does not mean purchasing." The salesman said something about "feels like walking on marshmallows, or so I've heard" as I was moaning in pleasure and slipping the other shoe on.  Not only did I pay retail, $65.99, for the Sketchers GOWalk2 shoes but I came home and started searching for another pair online to order.  The shoes I got today are slip-ons and a little "old lady" looking but the salesman told me they also make them in a tie style that look more like a typical "athletic shoe" and in cool colors. Hot pink will do just fine for me.   Oh, and I didn't really pay retail.... I had a 20% off card, and I received Kohl's Cash.  I love Kohl's.  And they did not pay me to say that.
Skechers GOwalk 2 - Stance Hot Pink

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