Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Should Have Bought ALL Of The Pyrex!

      I love garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, tag sales.  Since I am trying to be more of minimalist that a hoarder I usually don't buy anything unless it is for the kiddos but a lady advertised that she would have 51 cases of canning jars in her sale.  Nope, I don't can but I wanted some to use for freezing milk.  I am not a milk drinker. I live alone except for my dogs, and I just need milk for cereal and cooking. A gallon sours before I can use it up but my sister suggested I buy milk on sale, freeze it in smaller amounts and never have any go to waste. I hurried over to this garage sale and when I saw the Ball jar pictured on the left I thought I had really found something!  She had the box marked as quart size.  Well, I had never seen a tall, skinny quart size jar so I bought the box of 21 jars for $5.00.  When I got them home I took out one of my quart Mason jars to compare and immediately realized the Ball jar wasn't a quart size.  Turns out it is a 24 oz jar. Since I really, desperately need a car I thought "oh WOW! I bet these are worth something since they are such an odd size."  The wheels were turning in my mind as I thought "I have 21 on these .... if each is worth a mere $1,000 (I know, I was delusional, but stick with me here) I could use that $21,000 to buy that Prius I really want." I was pretty let down to read on the 'net that this size is perfect for canning asparagus and pickles, not rare at all, nor worth any great sum of money.  But if they are worth a thousand a piece to you I know where you can pick up 21 jars! After a run through the dish washer they are sparkling clean now.
     At her garage sale the same lady had multiple tables of things ... pretty things, that I would love to have had (but do not need).  She had a table just of crystal vases, a table of Pyrex, a table of Corning Ware, a table of just crystal snack sets, among other things.  I have a weakness for Corning Ware and Pyrex although I really don't need any more than I have.  I couldn't resist getting two pieces since she had them priced so low....all under $4.00.  My mom had a Corning Ware dish like this one that she used for baking cakes.  The lid is domed enough that the frosting would not get messed up.  I got this one for $3.00 
  and this smaller dish for $2.00
 She had a divided Pyrex serving dish for $3.00 that I thought about buying but since I really didn't need it I passed it up.  Later that evening I looked that dish up on EBay.  I should have snapped it up for $3.00 because this one on EBay is $49.99. 

Obviously her table full of Pyrex was  what I SHOULD have been excited about finding ... and reselling on EBay.  I went back the next day with the intention of asking was she sure she didn't want to sell her things on EBay, and then if not, snapping up every piece of Pyrex she had.  Dang it, by the next morning those tables of Pyrex and Corning Ware were empty.  Do you like to go to garage sales?  What is the best "find" you have ever purchased?

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