Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Have Written My First Letter To Dear Abby

     Someone wrote to Dear Abby asking her opinion about a divorced woman choosing to check the "single" box when filling out a form rather than the "divorced" box.  Abby said it is deceitful to check the "single" box if you are divorced because you are a "divorcee" until you remarry, no matter how long you have been divorced. Really? Isn't this 2013?
      Well that got a bee in my bonnet, I tell you what.  I was married in the 70's and the 80's.  I was divorced in the very early 90's.  I have now been divorced more years than I was married.  Do I check the "single" box? You betcha. Why on earth is it anyone's business?  Now, I wish I could check the "married" box but for some reason we all don't find Mr. Wonderful, no matter how much we look, pray, seek.  I for one would rather be single than married to the wrong person and miserable so I am still single.  Heck, I haven't even had a boyfriend.  I have been busy raising a family (children from that marriage), working (mostly 2 jobs at a time until I retired), going to school off and on, living life (although I may find Mr Wonderful yet, I have not given up).  Life is good as a single woman. It never crosses my mind that I am a "divorcee." But for Dear Abby to say I am being deceitful by checking the "single" box?  If that is the case then do we need a "cohabitating without a marriage license" box?  Good grief!  Actually, I say a "male" or "female" box is enough information and the rest is nobody's business! I wrote and told Abby how I felt. 
      What do you think?


  1. I agree I mean what does it mean on those forms anyway! Too much info is out there. Love your attitude girl. sandie

    1. Hey Sandie! Thank you for leaving a comment! Glad you stopped by. :)

  2. Hi Aunt Betsy,
    I agree with you and Sandie.
    My name is Starry. I am the new follower in your wonderful blog.
    But, I do not see the list of your followers anywhere. Where are they?
    I shall return to read more of your posts.
    I hope you take a look at my blogs, if you wish.
    Blessings to you, Aunt Betsy.
    Poet Starry Dawn.

    1. Hi Starry! Thank you so much for stoping by. Followers?? I have one...and I don't know how to show them or do the google thing but my daughter is going to fix me up this weekend. I would love to read your blogs, and will, right now! Blessings, Betsy

  3. Hi Aunt Betsy,
    I am also a baby boomer. I am separated from my daughter's father.
    I've got 3 wonderful New York grandchildren. I feel my age in my body,
    but not in my mind. I am a freelance writer, poet, lyricist, artist,
    dreamer, animal and nature lover, and so on.
    Well, I'll be sending you an Email soon.
    Please, join some of my blogs, if you wish. Sandie is my dear friend too.
    If you are looking for a good friend, then, you can count on me...
    Greetings from Starry.

    1. Honey, I can use all the good friends I can get! Thank you for reading my blog and I most certainly am interested in finding yours as soon as I finish this comment! :) Have a super day, and I am off to read your email and your blogs....